A bit more about the creator of Evergreen Decor Co

Welcome! So glad you stopped by today. I’m Angela, the founder and designer behind Evergreen Decor Co. 

Since I was a child I have always found creating therapeutic. The process of constructing art, or combining words in a way to convey deeper emotions or thoughts has always been a natural inclination of mine.  I was the child in school with doodles and hand-lettering all along the sides of my schoolwork.  I didn't realize till I got older that not everyone studies signs, posters, basically anything with letters on it so as to study the typography, or try to air draw letters if paper and pen weren't nearby. I still catch myself doing this in my adult years:)

I discovered as a child that creating with words and sending someone something I made was a way I could better express myself than simply speaking.  It also helped me to connect more deeply with those I was sending something too. I learned this way of connecting best from my Mother who was notorious for sending encouraging hand-written cards to people she cared for, and even those she didn't know well but felt could use a kind human gesture. Without realizing it I started doing similar by writing cards, notes, or creating art to pass along to my Mom and others too.  Funnily enough, my Mom would tell me she wished I’d have a card business someday (which I laughed at and took zero seriousness in) but unexpectedly fell into creating cards a few years back for customers who were asking for cards.  Guess Mom’s always end up right somehow;)

Through the years of watching my Mom pass along notes to others and doing so myself, I came to realize that sharing words on paper for someone to display or treasure in a keepsake box, is a small but powerful gesture that stays with someone for years.  I observed this up close from my Mother again as she battled years of chronic health issues but always kept a stack of cards near her bedside so she could send them to people to let them know she was thinking of them.  After my Mom passed away, I heard from numerous people how her cards through the years were incredibly meaningful to them, and many had still saved the cards she sent them.  It struck me that sometimes the smallest gestures are sometimes the most powerful and have the most potential to impact others long after we're gone.

This is what drives me to create today, to give you paper goods of high-quality that speak your heart so those you care about can treasure your words for years to come, or so you can have something yourself to look at daily and be empowered by. To achieve providing you with classic long-lasting products I use some of the world's finest archival paper for prints, and 110lb luxurious cotton paper for cards. I want you to feel ecstatic to gift your paper good to someone you love, (or even to yourself) and know that these words of inspiration given through a card or an art print will positively impact someone's days.

I love serving each one of you who pops by.  It's an honor to hear your stories, and why a product with particular words or a phrase means so much to you or someone you care about.  I don't take it lightly that you entrust me to provide you with something heartfelt to give your loved ones or yourself.  My hope is that the words on these paper goods will be a gift that leaves a lasting impression on your loved ones for years to come and gives them something to touch, read, and look back at, just like my Mom's cards have done for many. 

Please feel free to reach out anytime to share your stories or ask any questions you might have.  I can be reached at: angela@evergreendecorco.studio

All the best to you and yours!