Where to invest your love

How do you discern where to invest, plant, and grow your love? It’s not in the places where the environment is one committed to trying to conform you, misunderstand you, misinterpret you, project on to you, and to find your flaws.  This is not a healthy environment to grow your love, and to recognize and acknowledge this does not make you a bad person, any less of a loving person, or a heartless person. What it makes you is a healthy person.

Where you must stop planting your love also does not mean you can’t continue to hold a deep, abiding love for what you are needing to leave behind. You can still hold the dichotomy of hoping for only good things to come to an environment that is no longer viable for you to plant your love (and even miss at times), while also recognizing you are a healthier version of yourself without that in your life.

Where you are meant to invest your priceless resource of love is where there is mutual goodwill, where you feel safe and encouraged to fully be you, where your heart is protected, and where you are supported to be your authentic, evolving self. Protect the gift of your loving heart and invest it where it will be treasured.