What to write in a card for someone grieving a loved one


Ever at a loss for words when it comes to knowing what to write in a card for someone who just lost someone dear to them? Knowing what a fragile time someone might be in can make the struggle to find soothing words feel even more momentous. Here are some tips to hopefully help with communicating your care for someone experiencing loss:

•Acknowledge by name who the person was, and the role they played to the person grieving.

•Let them know how sorry you are that they have lost this person. You can say something as simple as, “I’m so sorry for the loss of your ___.” Or you can say, “I’m so sorry you’re having to go through the loss of your ___. My heart breaks for you.”

•Share something positive that you will always remember about the person who passed if you knew them. Acknowledge their positive attributes and how these will be remembered by others. These are ways to assure the grieving person that their loved one’s legacy will live on.

•If you aren’t sure what to write, write that. A lot of times when writing in a card for someone going through such a sensitive time, less can mean so much more.

•Let them know you care not only for the initial loss they are experiencing but you also are there for them as they grieve over time, and learn a new normal. This can help a person feel that maybe they might actually survive what feels utterly unbearable since they have a “safe place” to land in you. Hope these few tips help a little for when you are trying to think of what to write to someone going through the darkest of times.

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