Soul Sister

Today is International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate the strength, beauty, and tenacity of women. Is there a specific woman in your life that you want to let know how much their light in your life means to them? Someone who you want to cheer on, and who cheers you on as well. Is there a woman who supports you in whatever season of life you’re in, and is happy for you to find your happiness in whatever way that looks? Is there a woman who when you leave her presence your heart feels full inside? Who gives more than takes.

Is there a woman who no matter how similar or different you both might be, genuinely loves how these similarities and differences complements each other instead of competes? Is there a woman who helps, or encourages you to keep growing into the best version of yourself? Who loves you through the best and worst parts of life, and still sees all the good in you. Let her know today (and any other day of the year), because women raising up other women only makes for stronger children, stronger families, stronger communities, and ultimately stronger societies.

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