My people, My North Star


When I designed the definition prints and card titled North Star my family was very much my inspiration behind it, so thought I’d share a little bit about what makes each of these people so special to me. This is a pic from a couple summers ago and somehow my boys have grown even more (or changed hairstyles multiple times since this pic:). Here’s a bit about my special people.

My oldest-my kid who first made my heart grow larger than I thought it could. As most people who know him know, he is forthright and hilarious but he is also deeply serious and relentless about pursuing his many passions. Since he was little we have learned alongside him all things from praying mantis’s to his latest interest of finance and discounted cash flow models now. Nothing will deter him when he sets his mind to something (much to my chagrin sometimes:) and whatever subject he’s interested in he will eat, live, and breath it till there’s pretty much nothing left to learn. He keeps me on my toes with all his new ideas and daring adventures but I wouldn’t have him any other way.

My middle-my quick-witted kid who probably is guiding me in many ways. He keeps it real (more than I’d like some days:), and somehow he’s always one step ahead in many things in life. He’s the one who feels he can never have enough friends, fun, or freedom but also the one who can be counted on to take charge if need be. He’s got a soft spot for helping kids and animals and is a natural on how to relate with them. He unknowingly naturally falls into leading others (myself included at times) by how in tune he is to the nuances of situations or people, and teaches me things I’d never be able to learn if he wasn’t in my life.

My youngest-my kid who came at one of the darkest, lowest times of my life with somehow one of the sunniest, brightest dispositions. He has been such a bright spot with his joy and hunger for life. His almost never-ending smiling lights up a room (unfortunately this pic does not do his usual big smile justice:). It makes sense that when I looked up the name we had chosen for him while pregnant that unbeknownst to me there is a Saint associated with his name-the patron saint of lost causes. When all hope felt lost this sunny third born of mine came into our lives at the perfect time.

My husband, the one who doesn’t over- complicate life. He can easily see the “forest from the trees” and doesn’t usually “sweat the small stuff.” His grounding presence helps all of us remember to chill and remember to enjoy life. He is our most committed supporter no matter what “bunny trails” any of us in his family have to go down to discover something about ourselves or life. We all know we’re extremely lucky to have him in our corner.

Our sweet doggy girl who all of us have a major soft spot for. She’s easy to love with how much joy and love she wants to give everyone. Somehow, even with having cancer two times now, removal of some ribs, and chest reconstruction surgery she is still full of joy, love, and as one of my son’s friends said recently, “She’s always smiling.” She’s a gem of a dog and we all know we’re blessed to be loved by her. Who (or what) are the North Star’s in your life?