Make room for the new

Spring, the season of coming to terms with what must be cleaned up, let go of, and released. What do we need to let go of to make space for the new? What would it mean to let go of what is no longer helping progress our highest good?

There can be a stigma that letting go might mean we’re quitters, or we’ve given up. Letting go is not giving up though, it is simply being intentional about not allowing our spirits, minds, emotions, bodies, and life to settle into stagnancy. Letting go is an acknowledgment that although we might want to carry everything we’re attached to into the next seasons of our lives, sometimes this isn’t beneficial for the sake of our health, well-being, and forward momentum of our lives. New space needs to be cleared to make room for the new. Release the past with love and gratitude, grieve it if necessary, and when you’re ready, move courageously forward to the unknown of what lies ahead. Good things are waiting for you.