Limiting beliefs

Our thoughts shape our beliefs, and our beliefs help shape our reality. We all hold beliefs of all kinds, but some beliefs can become limiting beliefs. Some beliefs we hold served our well-being (or survival for a time), but at some point we might have to take a brutally honest inventory of what beliefs are actually helping us towards our highest good at this stage in our lives, and what beliefs aren’t.

It can be incredibly intimidating to open our minds to possibly replacing what has always been our normal way of seeing the world, or what we’ve been conditioned to believe through our lives. To question our beliefs would cause us to step out of what we have come to feel is comfortable, correct, or “safe” to try on something we’re completely unfamiliar and uncomfortable with. This can cause us to go through one of the scariest shifts our ego never wants to let go of-an identity change.

We don’t have to change all our beliefs overnight (that would most likely lead to a full blown identity crisis) but as we let our awareness start to observe how our beliefs are helping, or hindering, we’ll begin to see what might need to go, and what might need to stay. If our beliefs are contributing to our inner peace, well-being, and a genuine love and compassion towards ourselves and others, then those are beliefs we need to hold on to. If our beliefs bring shame, guilt, fear, or a need to control, then our higher selves might be prompting us that we’ve outgrown those beliefs. There might be new beliefs now that will better serve our highest good that can replace the old.

Be brave, be honest, and begin to try on a new way of being, and when you’re ready, release with gratitude what once helped you survive but no longer serves what’s for your highest good now. Let go, take heart, a bright, new future reality awaits you.