How to make someone feel special on their birthday

Birthday’s galore seem to pop up especially around this time of year. Looking for some ideas on how to make someone feel extra special on their birthday? Here are a few:

-Begin their morning with a bunch of balloons.

-Create a video montage of highlights of their life, or of the past year.

-Create a playlist of songs that reminds you of them, or of special memories you shared together.

-Create a goodie basket full of small items they love.

-Have friends and family each write on a notecard something they love about the birthday person. Then compile it in a scrapbook, or tie a ribbon around the cards to present to the birthday recipient.

-Bring them flowers, or a potted plant combined with a birthday greeting card they’ll love so much they’ll want to keep it as a keepsake.

-Gift them something they can hang on their wall, or that they can set somewhere special in their home or office, so they can be reminded of for years to come of all the good traits you love about them and their personality.




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