How to begin to heal your inner child

When your inner self prompts you to action, do it. You don’t need the answers to the why’s, the how to’s, the what if’s-you just need to follow through. Yes, you might feel you look a fool, you might be misunderstood, and you might even “fail,” but don’t start second-guessing yourself. That’s what our ego loves to do-trip us up with over-thinking, to make it a game of over analysis that leads to paralysis, and thus, keeps us questioning ourselves instead of doing what we’re feeling prompted to do.

Follow your inner promptings, as it’s crucial to help build trust with yourself. The kind of trust within yourself that helps your consciousness relax with knowing, you are going to “show up for yourself,” even if no one else does-“you’ve got you.” When you begin to follow this inner navigation, this is what will begin to pave the way to inner peace, and for your inner child, that part within each of us that wonders, if we are going to be protected, cared for, and not abandoned. Nothing speaks louder, or builds trust with your inner child, than when you are committed to doing what feels right for you despite whatever fallout could come (good or bad). Follow the promptings, don’t overthink it, and you’ll find the peace you receive in return by trusting your own inner guidance becomes much more important than any opinions, learning curves, or setbacks.